A New Casino on The Parkway

August 5, 2019 0 Comment

Based on city staff reports, a brand-new casino may be heading to Crawford Drive in Peterborough at the Parkway. However, the full report is not about the casino, it is all about the parkway. It has suggested that an extension would make much better sense if the casino was built on Crawford Drive. This report also states that the city could issue a rezoning at this location for the casino which is the same area where the hotel/convention center was supposed to be going.

This report states that the city is expecting to have a bylaw amendment for zoning in order to allow the construction of a new casino to be part of the OLG (Ontario Lottery & Gaming) modernization program for the Eastern Ontario Gaming Bundle. This means that this particular site could also have an OLG facility, ancillary hotel, as well as a restaurant.

Great Canadian Gaming Inc. based out of British Columbia was awarded the Eastern Ontario Gaming Bundle in 2018 from the OLG and it had taken over the operations of the Slots at Kawartha Downs which is located in Fraserville. The company is planning on expanding the operation to include more slot machines and gaming tables.

The spokesperson for Great Canadian Gaming, Chuck Keeling hasn’t stated if there is a casino that will be coming to Peterborough. However, the city has really expressed a strong interest in having a casino, but the company has not made any type of official announcements on if it will build there. Earlier it has been announced that Belleville would be a site for the new casino as part of the Eastern Ontario Gaming Bundle. Keeling hasn’t responded if Great Canadian Gaming Inc. is interested in property that is located on Crawford Drive, out of the three that is available according to the city which includes a property near Del Crary Park.
Keeling did mention that the company was looking at all the options, and stated that an announcement would be made soon.

Peterborough’s Mayor, Daryl Bennett has not stated if there will be a casino coming to Crawford Drive or the Parkway. However, in a written statement it was stated that The Parkway area is one of the best locations that had been identified by the city council for a casino, if the casino operator wants to build in this city.
The city staff report is a large packet of information that has been documenting all the aspects of the extension plan for the Parkway, for the provincial government. Although, the Ministry of the Environment & Climate Change is tossed up on whether they should force the city into coming up with a much more detailed environmental assessment before the road can be extended. They have asked the city for this information before they would make any type of decision.

Most of this information can also be found on the city’s website.