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    The Benjamin Franklin Parkway has played host to so many things that happen in Philadelphia, and to so many people who have visited. Now, it’s the Parkway’s time to be guest of honor.

    Philadelphia’s grand cultural boulevard, the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, is turning 100, and at a press conference today (March 23, 2017), the Parkway Council, a coalition of cultural and educational institutions, businesses and residences in the Parkway Museums District, gave a glimpse of the plans.

    Parkway 100 will feature more than a year of activities to celebrate the centennial of the Parkway. Beginning September 8, 2017, and continuing through November 16, 2018, the Parkway Council, and its museums, attractions, institutions and neighbors, will present 14 months of Exhibitions, Events, Community Conversations, and Promotions to mark the milestone.